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Hit the Strip SPecial

Thursdays exclusive

Enjoy a delicious 13 oz. USDA Strip Loin Steak accompanied by a loaded baked potato and Final Cut salad for $39.99 Thursdays at Final Cut Steakhouse.

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Backfin Lump Crab Cakes | $35
Backfin Crab meat, smoked pepper aioli, sweet pickled cucumbers.

Colossal Gulf Shrimp | $22
2 Large Poached Shrimp with Chili Pepper Cocktail Sauce 

Freshly Shucked Oysters | $20
Specially chosen for quality and seasonality.
The peak season for oyster varieties is different for each area where oysters are grown and harvested. The Eastern fields have a different harvest schedule than the West Coast and our fish suppliers keep us up to date on which oyster will be at its peak when we buy. 
We serve 3 varieties of condiments with our oysters.
* Final Cuts own Chili Pepper hot sauce.
* Classic Mignonette with herbs.
*Su Miso Sauce
Ask your server about what Final Cut is offering today. 

Charcuterie Board | $26
Specially sourced variety of cured meats & artisanal cheeses. Ask your server what is available today. 

Classic French Onion Soup in a Crock | $12
Chefs present this traditional steakhouse classic with a slight twist. The soup is a beef-based onion puree. This ‘Soubise” style presentation is selected for its rich velvety texture and full-bodied flavor. Topped with torched Gruyere cheese and Focaccia toast.  

Gumbo | $15
Rich house made Gumbo with Lobster, Chicken, and Andouille Sausage, perfectly cooked Jasmine Coconut Rice and two Jumbo Shrimp as garnish.

House Salad | $9
Artisan Greens, Seasonal Tomatoes, Final Cut's Sourdough Red Chili Corn Boulle Croutons, Romano Cheese, Your choice of our own dressings.

Baby Romain Caesar's Salad | $12
Classic Caesar Dressing, Shaved Parmesan, Final Cut's Red Chili Sourdough Croutons, Fresh grated Parmesan & Baby Romaine.

Butterleaf Wedge Salad | $12
Hydroponic Butterleaf Lettuce, Pecan Clouds, shaved Iowa Prosciutto and Point Reyes Bleu Cheese Crumble & heirloom baby tomatoes. Recommended Dressing: Bleu Cheese Vinaigrette. 

Baby Spinach Salad | $12
Meringue Encased Pecans, Herbed Goat Cheese, Dehydrated Cranberries and Apricots, Raspberry Vinaigrette

All dressings are made from scratch in Final Cut's kitchen.

Filet of Beef 7 & 10 oz. | $44/$63 - Locally Sourced Certified Angus Beef. The most tender beef cut. Lean yet succulent and elegant. Subtle flavor and compact shape. Available in a 10 ounce and 7ounce portion.

Ribeye 14 oz. | $63 - Locally Sourced Certified Angus Beef. Generous Marbling throughout this cut. One of the most flavorful cuts of beef.

Porterhouse 24 ounce | $69 - Locally Sourced Certified Angus Beef. Well marbled steak consisting of the Filet and Strip Loin steaks. 

Signature Filet of Beef | $96 - Filet of Beef wrapped with bacon (10 oz.). Topped with Final Cut's own Herb and Garlic Boursin Cheese, Lobster Meat and Lump Crab! Topped with baby Pea shoots and Citrus-Truffle oil dressing.  

Strip Steak 16 oz | $53 - Kansas City style strip steak. Available in 16-ounce portion. Certified Angus Beef

Cowboy Cut Ribeye | $107 - 24-ounce Bone-in Certified Angus Beef Ribeye.

Cowboy & Tails Platter | $185 - 24-ounce Bone-in Ribeye Steak. Two Lobster Tails 4-5 ounce each.  Choice of Two side dishes, Drawn Butter & Lemon. Certified Angus Beef Bone-in Ribeye.

Bone in Strip Steak Prime Beef | $107 - Locally Sourced Certified Angus. Premium loin cut steak, high marbling content USDA PRIME. 24-ounce portion.

Delmonico Steak | $85 - Locally Sourced Certified Angus. Delmonico cut is the Loin Steak with "tail" portion removed. It takes its name from the Delmonico's Family Restaurants which operated in 1827 on lower Manhattan’s 5th avenue in New York City. There the Chef would trim much of the cap fat before cooking. It is cut from a lower section of the Rib. The Delmonico's is a bit firmer in texture than the main Ribeye cuts.

Burkeshire Pork Rib Chop | $44
Berkshire Pork Double Chop with Rib Meat. with mildly sweet Jasmine rice cooked in coconut milk. Pineapple and Roasted Locally sourced Poblano Chili Salsa, Guajillo Chili Lime Sauce.   With the use of a variety of fresh chili peppers you can expect spice with a moderate heat from this Mexican Cuisine inspired dish.

Teriyaki Glazed Cornish Hen | $32
Roasted Teriyaki Style Half Cornish Hen, Jasmine Rice cooked in Coconut Milk, Seared Bok Choy Cabbage and Cashew nuts. *Contains tree nuts.

Lamb Rack | $55
Winter Spiced Lamb Rack Loin.  (clove, allspice, ginger) Su-Miso dressed Bok Choy cabbage & Jasmine rice cooked in Coconut Milk.

Salmon Oscar | $32
Asparagus, béarnaise sauce and lump crab meat.

Su-Miso Chilean Sea Bass | $45
Fresh Chilean Seabass seared on a plancha along with marinated Shitake mushrooms. Set with Jasmine Rice cooked in Coconut Milk. Finished with Su-Miso sauce. 

Shrimp & Scallops Linguini Alfredo | $34
Sauteed Shrimp, Scallops and Spinach with Linguini in Creamy-Alfredo Sauce.

Scallops Florentine | $45
Seared Jumbo Scallops, with cherry tomatoes and red peppers on a bed of Linguine and Spinach in a cream sauce.

King Crab Diner| $130
One pound of steamed Alaskan King Crab legs with drawn butter. Pricing subject to Seafood Market Pricing.

Chef’s Daily Mac and Cheese | $15
Ask your server for more information

Lobster Mac & Cheese | $15

Lobster Mashed Potatoes | $15

Buttery Mashed Potatoes | $10

Loaded Baked Potato | $10 

Broccolini | $10

Brussel Sprouts | $10

Grilled Asparagus | $10

Maple Glazed Carrots | $10

Bourbon Mushrooms | $10

Crème Brulee | $13

Chocolate Praline | $12

Strawberry Layer Cake | $12

Turtle Cheesecake | $14 

Sorbet Flight | $10