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Poker Special

President's Day | Feb. 18

$245 NL Hold'Em Black Chip Bounty Tournament @ 11:15AM.

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You’ll find some of the biggest bets, bluffs and pots in our poker room, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our poker tables have USB outlets at every seat, so you can charge your device while you play, as well as free Wi-Fi.
For your convenience, you may call ahead to be placed on the waiting list up to one hour before you arrive everyday. For call-ahead seating or any other questions, please call us at 913-288-9315.

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Featured Games

Featured Games on select days & times

- $20-40 Limit Hold'em/$10-20 Omaha | Wednesday at Noon

- $1-$2 PLO W/$5 Bring-In | Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday at 1PM

    - $1-$2 PLO will have a $5 time drop with the first hour of a new game Free

- $2-$3 NL Hold'em Max $600/75% | Friday at 6PM & Saturday 3PM

- $20-40 Limit Hold'em | Friday 12PM and Monday 1PM

- $25-50 Mix Game | Tuesday 1PM

- $4-8 Omaha H/L w/Half-Kill | Tuesday 10AM, Friday 10AM & Saturday 6PM

- $3-6 Limit Hold'em | Wednesday 7AM, Friday 5PM & Saturday 12PM


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Poker Tournaments

Poker Tournaments

Mondays: 11:15AM | $70 NL

Tuesdays: 7:15PM | $70 NL

Wednesdays: 7:15PM | $55 NL Turbo

    - Players can earn extra chips for playing live action prior to the tournament, Players must register for the tournament and will earn 500 in chips per hour up to 1500 max for Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs Tournaments and 1000 in chips per hour up to 3000 max for the Sunday Deep Stack.

Thursdays: 11:15AM | $70 NL &  7:15pm | $90 NL W/$25 KO

*Sundays: 11:15AM | $130 NL DEEP STACK

*Last Sunday of the Month: 11:15AM | $240 MONTHLY SUPER STACK

*May 18: 11:15AM | $15,000 Free Roll Tournament

    - Can qualify between Feb. 1 12:01AM - April 30 11:59PM

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