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American Home Station

The goal of  “The American Home Station" is to offer recognizable items from our own unique American life experience.

The food served here will give you the feeling of a wonderful home cooked meal.

Asian Station

Asian Station food represents a taste of authentic Asia and not just Chinese-American. 

We elevate the authenticity of the offerings in our Asian Station to represent ALL of Asia, from Mongolia to Vietnam, Japan, Korea and Bangladesh, among others. We also include it’s Middle Eastern members.

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quench your thirst

- Coke

- Diet Coke

- Coke Zero

- Sprite

- Mr. Pibb

- Hi-C Fruit Punch

- Minute Maid Light Lemonade

- Barq's Root Beer

- Mello Yello

- Iced Tea, Sweet Tea, Hot Tea, & Raspberry Tea

- Regular/Decaf Coffee

- White/Chocolate Milk

- Orange Juice

- Grape Juice

- Grapefruit Juice

- Cranberry Juice

- Apple Juice

- Tomato Juice