Ways to Win!

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50K Big Wheel Bonanza

Friday, July 20 & Saturday, July 21

Play your favorite slots and table games from 5am on July 20 - 8:45pm on July 21 to earn entries.  For every 100 points earned, MARQUEE REWARDS MEMBERS will receive entries based on their tier level.

Icon, EP & Producer - 4 entries, Celebrity - 2 entries & Marquee 1 entry. 

On each night and at each hour from 5pm - 9pm, five names will be drawn until five winners are present. Once all five winners are present they will spin the prize wheel for a chance to win $250  - $1,000 in SLOTPLAY.

Winners called between 5pm - 8pm may only play once. Everyone is eligible to play at 9pm.

After each winner is awarded their prize at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm an additional $250 will be added to the specific section of the prize wheel that had just been awarded. This will increase the value of that section for all future drawings on that day.


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Crazy 8's table games promotion

august 1 - september 2

Receive one entry for every one hour of rated table play on any live table game from Aug. 1 at 5am thru Sept. 2 at 10pm.

Members can earn additional entries if they hit a suited Blackjack playing Blackjack, a natural eight on Baccarat, a hard eight on Craps, an eight on Roulette, 3 eights on Pai Gow, 3 eights on Mississippi Stud, 3 eights on Three Card Poker, 3 eights on Ultimate Texas Holdem, or 3 eights on High Card Flush while playing with their Marquee Rewards card.

Guests must complete entry form(s) and drop into the drum located near the table games pit. Guests are responsible for requesting a form from the Table Games Supervisor before the table rating is closed. No entries will be given after the rating is closed. Number of entries will be calculated based on rounding to the closest full hour. Entries are non transferable and must be filled out by awarded patron. Any dispute or situation not covered by above rules will be handled by management. 

On September 2 five winners of $250 in gaming chips will be called at 7pm, 8pm & 9pm with 3 minutes to claim. If a winner does not pick up it will carry over to the 10pm drawing. At 10pm all entries will be returned to the drum and ten winners will be called to claim their share of $6,500 in gaming chips, plus any previously unclaimed prizes. Must be present to win.


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Night of 102 Winners1

Friday, august 10 | 6pm - 10:30pm

Marquee Rewards members may pick up their entries at the promotional area located next to the escalators and place them into the designated drawing drums. ICON, Executive Producer and Producers place their entries into one drum and Celebrity and Marquee members place their entries into a separate drum.

Guests will receive entries based on their tier level: Icon - 5 entries, Executive Producer – 4, Producer – 3 entries, Celebrity – 2 entries, Marquee – 1 entry

Ten winners will be drawn every 30 minutes from 6pm - 10:30pm! Five winners will be drawn from the Icon, Executive Producer, Producer drum every 30 minutes and receive $250 in Free SlotPlay. Five winners will also be drawn from the Celebrity and Marquee drum ever 30 minutes and receive $100 in SlotPlay. 

Any prizes not claimed within five minutes will be given away at the 11PM drawing.

At 11pm, two Marquee Rewards members will each win $2,500 in Free SlotPlay! They will also split any unclaimed SlotPlay prizes from the previous drawings!


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30K winners giveaway

earn now - August 18

Earn one hand written entry for each $1,200+  taxable jackpot from 9pm on May 19 - 8:55pm on August 18.

MARQUEE REWARDS members are responsible for retaining their entries until the drawing date of August 18, when they will place their entries into the promotional drawing drum. 

Starting at 4pm on August 18, guests may drop their entries into the drawing drum located at the promotional area next to the escalators. Marquee Rewards members can win once during the preliminary drawings, once during the unclaimed drawing, and once during the grand prize drawing. All entries that have been selected for the preliminary and unclaimed drawings will be placed back into the promotional drawing drum for the grand prize drawing.

• Five MARQUEE REWARDS® members will each receive $250 in SLOTPLAY® every 30 minutes from 5PM – 8:30PM.
• Ten winners will win $250 in SLOTPLAY at 9PM. 
• At 9:15PM, one winner will receive any SLOTPLAY prizes that were not claimed from the 5PM – 9PM drawings.
• If all the prizes have been claimed between 5pm - 9pm, the unclaimed winner will receive $500 in SLOTPLAY.
• At the 10PM Grand Prize drawing, four Marquee Rewards members will win their share of $7,500 in SLOTPLAY.


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$300K Progressive Extravaganza rules

select saturdays aug. - Dec. | Aug. 25:  6pm - 9pm

Hollywood Casino’s “$300K Progressive Extravaganza” promotion will run from August 1st – December 29th, 2018.

Play your favorite slots and table games from 5a.m. on Wednesday, August 1 through Saturday, December 29 at 9:45pm to earn entries. Earn 10X entires every Sunday during the promotion.

Preliminary Drawings will take place on August 25, September 22, October 27 and November 17 at 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm and 9:00pm. Five (5) names will be drawn each hour until five winner are present. The winners will draw a prize from the promotional drum which contains 100 prizes ranging from $250 in SlotPlay - $5,000 in Slotplay, plus, the $10,000 progressive CASH prize.

Prize amounts are reset after each drawing date. If the $10,000 CASH prize is not drawn, it will roll to the next month and will increase by $10,000 until that prize is selected! 

The Grand Prize Drawings will take place on December 29 at 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm and 9:00pm and 10:00pm. Ten (10) names will be called each hour until ten winners are present. The winners will draw a prize from the promotional drum which contains 100 prizes ranging from $250 in SlotPlay - $5,000 in Slotplay, plus, the progressive CASH prize.


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Superstar Reels

win up to $5,000!

Experience our featured attraction with two exciting ways to win! Anyone. Anytime. Any Slot.
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ways to win