Acceptable forms of Identifications include:

State issued Driver's License or Identification Card
Passport issued from the US Department of State
Passports from any foreign country
United States Military ID
United States Permanent Resident ID (Green Card)
Uniformed Services Card
"Temporary" paper identification will only be accepted from the State of Kansas and Missouri provided they accompany the expired license.
Expired forms of identification will not be accepted.
Identification is required to remain in your possession at all times and must be presented upon request.

Basic rules:

Must be 21 years of age or older to enter. No ID, no entry.
No outside food or beverages allowed.
No weapons (including knives) permitted.
Offensive clothing will not be permitted.
Security reserves the right to determine what is offensive or not.
Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
Anyone showing visible signs of impairment will not be allowed to enter or remain on the property.
Alcohol may not be consumed in the parking areas.
All bags, purses, packages or other items are subject to inspection and/or re-inspection at any time.
Any form of container deemed unacceptable will not be allowed in the building.